It's really strange in wow classic gold

Yes, I understand that. It's really strange in wow classic gold my study that I have not found any way to do stock tracking like could be carried out with Quickbooks or other goods.


But selling things on ah takes far longer time for me once I have tsm on, I take a product into the shop find a cost then press market, and instead of moving on ah, it goes back into my stock, and my workaround is needing to wait 10-20 sec before pressing sell. This doesn't happen with no addon I have the same problem, but I do not think its because of the performance of the addon. I think its the server response that breaks because other men and women are scanning the AH and the little ordinary responses get lost in the bulk ditch.


I can't tell you how many times I have heard"this doesn't cost me anything to craft because I am farming the mats myself" or similar.


I think that the funniest thing with WoW gold making has been how much people do not understand the notion of opportunity costs.


I guess it would be murdering random people, carrying the money in mywowgold classic wow gold their wallets (raw gold), and promoting the remainder of their items on ebay (transmog marketplace ). Sometime you'd find a mount with car keys.I do agree,but there are a few principles that a layman may learn that would be valuable,like the connections between artificial inflation and supply and demand[think scalpers and ppe] Or that outsourcing is frequently the remedy to conserve overheads,and in the worst instance function as supply not the demand.the thought processes are useful.but the economy per-se isnt.