The community is always in buy runescape mobile gold

I heard about the key exploit and also the OSRS gold bans that happened from that. I have not kept up with the promos like Yak Track, but it is sad to see them ramping up MTX rather than toning it down.


It's disappointing, since RS3 has the potential to be one of the greatest MMO's accessible, but the ups have seemingly gotten really slack with it. I was expecting that they'd be able to ATLEAST utilize the enormous MTX gains on making the game's graphical fidelity constant, but it never occurred, even though they allegedly provide their graphic work to numerous third party businesses.


I fear that they're likely to cash out and leave it entirely since OSRS is doing much better with nowhere near the quantity of MTX (that is deserved tbh. I like spending time in here and see what is going on with the other half the RuneScape family, and it seems like that the Devs are actual fans of this game and genuinely wish to see it improve and grow in the long run.


The RS3 Devs only always seem so dead inside, and the community is always in buy runescape mobile gold a state of overall dissatisfaction. I do still lay most of the blame on the high ups).


It's only a sucky position to observe the game such as this tbh. What really hurts most importantly is the abundance of potential it's that Jagex refuses to capitalize because the higher ups are frightened of putting money in for the (admittedly tons of) work it would require.