Upgrade but they had to Madden 21 coins

Lol you are the worst type of gamer. "At least", person they are a billion dollar company that openly scams folks... they can do more than 3 bs franchise updates that could happen to be one upgrade but they had to Madden 21 coins make it seem like they'll be mending franchise during the year.


Those playcall limits might be used for online game modes too. That might be interesting. At least to get a home rules event, if nothing else.They're still only concerned regarding the internet facets of it. Offline franchisers left out yet again. EA still does not care. Big shocker.


Only fucking take franchise style back to what it was in old Madden's. That's literally all you need to do. We are in 2021 and the item which you created at the mid 2000's was much better than this.


I adore how the bengals consistently draft Zach Wilson bc they certain do not have a qb!And this also took them 5 weeks. Do they have one special needs person working on this game in a dark basement? Sure seems like it.


I like the way they also claim it as the"next big" change in buy Mut 21 coins a collection of 3. What was the initial"large" change? If people can sue CDPR how come we are not beginning a lawsuit against EA? This match is incomplete, filled with bugs, and treats every game mode like MUT. I want my CFM to be in a position to have the coin toss, challenge plays once the spot is clearly wrong, or when a player is clearly out of bounds but it's referred to as a completion.