With maximum gear and wow classic gold

Would love to see a full on 20 man level 11 groups with maximum gear and wow classic gold enchants and a main tank create this battle last 45 minutes and record it. After viewing a lot of people whining about Hogger I believed he was going to be rough but it took was me (lvl 9 warrior) and a rogue the identical level.

I don't get it. Is this just a simple post poking fun at all the"I eventually got my own Thunderfury/Hand of Rag" posts, or is there actually to the Huge Gnoll Claw?This dilemma will not be a different in TBC or a different new classic wow.
They slip black lotus, they fly about UNDER THE WORLD AS LEVEL 5'S doing shit, they fly in DM north infinitely generating mana pots and breaking the market. Then they take this gold following bricking the economy and sell it back as actual money.
Lets please cut the bullshit and take these"prohibit waves" are doing nothing and theres thousands and thousands of stone sitting around on random level 1 waiting to be purchased by suckers so they can then offer the gold back to the buy gold wow classic eu bots by purchasing the items they literally bot farm.
A bot below the ground in silithus caves carrying a rich thorium vein right next to us. Take a peek at the title plate underground.Remember when they stated that the reason they are porting it to the retail customer is they have better anti-cheat in place on the newer customer. Best kek blizzard.