OSRS which has sort of been true

I really do still lay most of the blame on the higher ups).It is only a sucky position to see the game such as this tbh. What really hurts most of all is the prosperity of potential it's that Jagex won't capitalize on because the higher ups are frightened of putting cash in to the (admittedly tons of) work it might take.


I recall after the past Runefest, most felt that RS3 did greater than OSRS gold since it had bigger things on the slate. I am sure others would disagree with me, but ever since Runefest I anticipated 2020 for a slow season for OSRS which has sort of been true; we have a couple decent-sized updates but nothing that important (if you don't count the league, which will be fair).


I believe what helps OSRS so much is that the regular surveys and smaller and QoL upgrades. So even when not much is happening, it seems like things is still happening since there are polls and discussions.Despite the pushback and the back-peddling, it felt like the two games did kind of transition to an expansion version of a few bigger updates per year.


But looking ahead to 2021 as well as the launch plans, it seems like OSRS has broken away from this and back into the older system of a lot of varying size updates even when they do hype up the beginning of year, summer, and fall releases.


Anywho, that was a very long and drawn away to get to say that I think Rsgoldfast is still focusing more on a few large upgrades, and without surveys and blogs at the gaps, the focus instead is on the MTX promos making it feel much worse.