Юмор на портале Харьковремонт

Юмор, анекдоты, строительные приколы и байки, забавные картинки, смешное видео


Бк дала 1000 бонусных рублей. я вывел в итоге 1100. свои деньги не клал на счет. нужно ли платить налог?

красивое тело к лету

У меня получилось немного набрать вес к лету, вот хочу еще подсушиться и думаю будет вообще круто.Подскажите как это правильно сделать, а то в нете полно инфы, но толком не понятно ничего.

Починить мультиварку

Друзья, кто-то на форуме разбирается в мультиварках-скороварках? Как можно ее починить, если она не набирает давление? Таким образом, функция скороварки нам уже некоторое время недоступна. А она очень нужна. Или посоветуйте какого-то хорошего мастера, буду благодарен.

нужно продать бизнес

В связи с переездом в другую страну мне нужно срочно продать свой бизнес. Кто может подсказать, контакты хорошей юридической компании?

Проблемный пылесос

КУпили мы с рук какой-то проблемный пылесос. Он у нас уже два раза ломался. И вот снова. Может, это такие криворукие мастера его чинили? Кого найти в Харькове приличного, кому можно доверить ремонт пылесоса без риска?

Казино Олигарх

Если вы хотите прекрасно провести досуг, и при этом не потратить ни копейки, тогда обратитесь за помощью в игровое казино Олигарх на портале https://oligarhcasino-ua.com/.


Кто может подсказать где лучше всего купить косметику для жены?

игра для меня

Всем привет. Я уже очень давно хотел поиграть в одну игру, в которую играл в детстве на мамином телефоне. Может быть вы помните такую передачу как "Кто хочет стать миллионером"? И вот у меня уже есть новомодный смартфон и я подумал, что мог бы найти такую же игру.

It's really strange in wow classic gold

Yes, I understand that. It's really strange in wow classic gold my study that I have not found any way to do stock tracking like could be carried out with Quickbooks or other goods.


The community is always in buy runescape mobile gold

I heard about the key exploit and also the OSRS gold bans that happened from that. I have not kept up with the promos like Yak Track, but it is sad to see them ramping up MTX rather than toning it down.


Since you usually need money to Animal Crossing Bells

Eh however, it will function as the sole reason the balance stays at zero is because, per the conditions of the wish, the cash is immediately transferred to a real world account. Since you usually need money to Animal Crossing Bells earn money in the majority of video games, then this really is a wish that cancels itself out by being.


Upgrade but they had to Madden 21 coins

Lol you are the worst type of gamer. "At least", person they are a billion dollar company that openly scams folks... they can do more than 3 bs franchise updates that could happen to be one upgrade but they had to Madden 21 coins make it seem like they'll be mending franchise during the year.


With maximum gear and wow classic gold

Would love to see a full on 20 man level 11 groups with maximum gear and wow classic gold enchants and a main tank create this battle last 45 minutes and record it.

OSRS which has sort of been true

I really do still lay most of the blame on the higher ups).It is only a sucky position to see the game such as this tbh. What really hurts most of all is the prosperity of potential it's that Jagex won't capitalize on because the higher ups are frightened of putting cash in to the (admittedly tons of) work it might take.


When they were to buy Animal Crossing Items

Or just play a game which Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells allows you use cheat codes if thats enabled, then you just keep hitting enter on the money cheat and see your bank account fill.


Edition with all the cheap nba 2k21 mt

But You're correct, Concerning match theory/strategy, Stadia is doing exactly what it needs to so as to succeed using its business model and publishers are happy because now they get to double dip...

Gift cards and buy nba 2k21 mt

Yep I totally hear you and mt nba 2k21 I bet it will work.

Отсутствие Менструации

Отсутствие Менструации

Менструация может присутствовать по нескольким причинам:

Ранний Возраст, До Полового Созревания;

Во Время Беременности И В Послеродовом Периоде;

Период Лактации;

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Steel Blue Gulf CAW211R.FC6401 watch

review replica Tag Heuer Monaco watches

Monaco is considered the most important model in Label Heuer's history, not for the reason that coolest actor in history, Dorrie McQueen, wore Monaco from the movie.


If I wish to Madden 21 coins

Agree with everything . If I wish to Madden 21 coins make a milder participant, I should be in a position to achieve that. Obviously realistically as not to break the match, which explains the reason why I'm guessing they're frightened of putting it in.


You now owe enough money to Animal Crossing Bells

It functions exactly the identical manner with debt. Remember that game of Civilization you played in 1997, where your empire went bankrupt?


Another store or launcher to nba 2k21 mt coins

Another store or launcher to nba 2k21 mt coins manage. Hopefully the devs of these"AAA" resize this sooner rather then later.


I don't know man...I believe Stadia is gonna win this race, not because of their technologies, but only because they will have each of the matches. If Stadia is the only way to stream the next AAA name people are going to utilize it.


OSBuddy vs who just uses the base OSRS

The second Jagex acquires it as is, is the moment they must take responsibility for maintaining it, approving all plugins which possibly are developed for this or it is no longer open-source due to OSRS gold ethics of a Jagex"product" at all... this is assuming Jagex even comes to an agreement with RuneLite's owner/creator to take it as its own official customer.


Ik im whining to the cheap nba 2k21 mt

Bro thats what makes me soooo unhappy about mt nba 2k21. The center of the game is SUPER FUN. The graphics are receiving lifelike. But they add so much things that simply muddles the game.


The second greatest Blazer I will remember in 2K was Aldridge at a 91 in I believe 2k15. Pretty cool to watch Dame at such a high rating honestly Many people today refuse to see Dame as an elite player since he doesn't play in a significant market. Those people are dumb.


With more worth in classic wow gold

That I love my girlfriend and we've been living together for 6 years (we are a few for over 10 years) but she doesn't like WoW since she says games like that are too time consuming (and yes they are haha) and we should do something with more worth in classic wow gold our spare time... I play and she accepts it marginally but she still does not enjoy it. For me it would be my biggest dream to having the ability to play WoW with her.